U20 - (2003s to 2006s), 2022-2023 (Stratford Rotary Hockey League)

This League is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
Stratford Motor Products10820164524+210.6528-2-0W6@ Bentley's Restaurant, 4-1 (W)
Sun Life Financial10721154320+230.6837-2-1W3@ International Graphics, 3-2 (W)
Stratford City Mazda11740145424+300.6926-4-0W5@ Steve Smith Construction, 4-2 (W)
Steve Smith Construction11740143632+40.5297-3-0L1vs. Stratford City Mazda, 4-2 (L)
K & K Racing11542123835+30.5215-3-2L1vs. Bentley's Restaurant, 4-2 (L)
International Graphics10442103127+40.5344-4-2L3vs. Sun Life Financial, 3-2 (L)
Bentley's Restaurant1146193240-80.4444-6-0W1@ K & K Racing, 4-2 (W)
Progress Aluminum1016352440-160.3751-6-3T1@ K & K Racing, 3-3 (T)
Festival City Rentals1027151745-280.2742-7-1L4vs. Stratford City Mazda, 9-0 (L)
Next Generation Plumbing1028041851-330.2612-8-0L2@ Steve Smith Construction, 0-3 (L)
Regular Season
International Graphics1816203210145+560.6929-1-0W1@ Bentley's Restaurant, 7-4 (W)
Steve Smith Construction181431297853+250.5959-1-0W5vs. K & K Racing, 3-5 (W)
Sun Life Financial181143259354+390.6336-2-2W1vs. Stratford City Mazda, 5-10 (W)
Stratford City Mazda181152249451+430.6485-4-1L1@ Sun Life Financial, 5-10 (L)
Next Generation Plumbing18963217154+170.5685-3-2T1vs. Festival City Rentals, 6-6 (T)
Festival City Rentals187101156171-100.4625-4-1T1@ Next Generation Plumbing, 6-6 (T)
K & K Racing18693155780-230.4162-6-2L1@ Steve Smith Construction, 3-5 (L)
Stratford Motor Products185103135273-210.4163-6-1W1vs. Progress Aluminum, 0-2 (W)
Bentley's Restaurant181152449114-650.3011-8-1L6vs. International Graphics, 7-4 (L)
Progress Aluminum18117023899-610.2770-10-0L15@ Stratford Motor Products, 0-2 (L)