Rules For Coaches (Stratford Rotary Hockey League)

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Rules for Rotary Hockey Coaches

These rules contain all amendments passed by the Board at AGMs, and reviewed annually.


  1. It is the responsibility of the coach to notify his players of the team they are on, game and practice times. Please ensure that this information is given to parents. A game schedule will be supplied at the first practice.
  2. The coach will supply the convener with a list of his players and sweater numbers before the start of the first game. Please keep the same sweater number all year.
  3. All Rotary Hockey goal equipment will be signed for by the coach and is ultimately his/her responsibility. The coach will ensure that team sweaters are ready for players prior to the game and returned to the appropriate locker after games, unless agreed upon by the convener through the equipment manager. All goal equipment and team sweaters are for use in scheduled Rotary Hockey games only.
  4. A coach is responsible for all players on the team. He/she should be at the rink 15 minutes before game time. Games are on a tight schedule and the coach should ensure players are ready five minutes before game time.
  5. A coach will ensure the dressing room is clean and neat after each use. The dressing room should be vacated within 10 minutes after the game or practice. A coach will ensure that no players are left by themselves after a game/practice.
  6. A coach and his/her assistants will ensure players enter and exit the ice surface in an orderly manner. Players are not allowed on the ice surface during flooding operations. Players and coaches must wait until the arena attendant has completed his/her resurfacing and closed the door.
  7. Coaches must ensure that all players receive equal ice time as set out in Bylaw 6.3. A complete line change (5 players) will be made automatically as indicated by the buzzer. U12 and older divisions shift on the fly but the principle of equal ice time still applies.
  8. A coach will ensure all players and staff shake hands in a mannerly fashion after a game in order to encourage sportsmanship.
  9. The use of drugs and/or alcohol by players or coaches will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  10. Abusive language or conduct towards officials or league officials (referees, timekeepers, conveners or Rotary Hockey executive) will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Coaches who offend this rule will be ejected from the game and/or practice. They will leave the players bench and the immediate ice area. Further measures will be decided by the executive committee before his/her next game.