FAQ (Stratford Rotary Hockey League)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range for Rotary Hockey?
Players must be between the ages of 4 and 18, as of December 31 of the year the season begins. (Beginning in 2010, Rotary Hockey took over the senior house league hockey age groups previously run by Stratford Minor Hockey)

How do I register my child?

Parents can register through the website. Details can be found here: Online Registration

Why do Rotary Hockey fees increase on August 1?

Rotary Hockey offers an Early Registration Discount to encourage parents to register in advance so that we can plan appropriately for the next season. The city's ice user groups meet in the summer to submit requests for the hours of ice time they will need each week in the upcoming season. Late registrations cause problems for ice scheduling and team/divisions allocations. For example, Rotary Hockey may get enough ice to have six teams in a certain age group and then late registrations make it possible for a division of eight teams. However, because there is no more ice time available to us, late registrations remain on a waiting list.

When and where are games and practices?

In the age groups from 4-15 (U6 through U16) all games will be played on Saturdays, either at Dufferin Arena, the Allman Arena or at one of the rinks at the Rotary Recreation Complex. Practices can be on any weeknight, mostly at 4, 5, 6 or 7 p.m. Some older age groups may have 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. practices. Divisions are assigned practice nights in September. Teams go on the ice for the first time in October. The U16 and U20 divisions play two games each week, either Wednesday night and Saturday morning, or Thursday night and Sunday morning.

What if my child wants to be a goalie?

Rotary Hockey will not guarantee that a player in any division will be a full-time goaltender, even if you have purchased his/her own equipment and do not have equipment for playing 'out'. U6 (4-5 year olds) does not use goalies but instead places a goalie target board in front of each net. In the younger age groups (U8 and U10), every player on the team is encouraged to take a turn in net. Those who enjoy the position may get multiple opportunities. Older age groups usually have one full-time goalie, or two goalies sharing the duties.
Rotary Hockey has also begun running on ice goalie clinics during the season. Watch for details on this website if you are interested.

Can girls play Rotary Hockey?

Rotary Hockey is coed and many girls play in all of our age divisions. Conveners make it a priority to place girls teams in groups of two or more. Special dressing room arrangements are available at every rink.

Are there any special rules in Rotary Hockey?

The primary rule in the 4-13 age groups is equal playing time regardless of ability. In the U6 through U10 age groups, a buzzer indicates a shift change to ensure equal ice time. U12 and up, teams shift on the fly, but coaches must also divide the ice time as equally as possible. Often it is difficult to give exactly the same ice time to every player in each game, but any inequity should be made up in the next game. Younger age groups play with fewer whistles and faceoffs to give players a chance to be more active and simply enjoy the game.

Is there body contact?

There is no body contact in any division of Rotary Hockey. There are rules and penalties in place to deter players from body contact.

How can I be a Rotary Hockey volunteer?

Rotary Hockey is always in need of volunteers for its executive. Several people on the executive have been performing more than one job for many years, and no longer have children participating in the program. Call any executive member, or come to a regular meeting on the third Tuesday of each month. We meet at the Army-Navy Hall at 7 p.m. Just a few hours a month can make a big difference.

Volunteer coaches are also needed. Please check off the appropriate field on the registration for when filling it out. Even if its just to help tie up skates, open the door to the bench, and encouraging the kids each Saturday, you'll be surprised how much fun you'll have.