Penalty Points System (Stratford Rotary Hockey League)

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Penalty Point System

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These rules pertain to the junior divisions (U6 through U12), reviewed annually by the Rotary Hockey board.

1. All Rotary Hockey players from U12 and below who accumulate 15 points are suspended for one game.

2. Players may continue to participate in the game in which they reach or surpass their season point limit unless they have been ejected from that game for any other reason.

3. Players suspended for passing their point limit will sit out the next game, unless otherwise directed by the Executive.

4. When the suspended player resumes play their penalty point total will be 10 points less than their total when suspended (e.g., a player with 22 points will return to play with 12).

5. Upon reaching 9 points, a player and his/her coach will be given a written notice. At 12 points, a meeting will be held with the convener plus at least two members of the discipline committee if time allows and an action plan will be introduced to reward penalty-free play.

6. In the following cases, a player will be suspended until he or she and a parent and/or coach appear before a panel of no fewer than three executive members to determine the appropriate suspension.
a. A player reaches point limit a second time in the same season.
b. A player receives a match penalty.
c. A player fights on the ice or inside any arena during his or her scheduled Rotary Hockey ice.

7. Any player accumulating six (6) penalty points in any single game will immediately be ejected from that game and spend the remainder of the game on the team bench where they are the responsibility of team coaches. He or she will participate in handshakes following the game. Any coach violating this rule will be suspended one (1) game and upon a second infraction will meet with the Rotary Executive committee.

8. Any player receiving a match penalty will be ejected from that game and go to the team bench where he/she will be the responsibility of the coaches.

9. Players receiving one-game suspensions must attend the game and sit in the vicinity of their team’s bench. Players receiving longer suspensions may not be required to attend subsequent games with Rotary Hockey's permission. The suspension will not begin until an agreed upon first game. Players must check in with convener.

10. A coach who has a player with 15 penalty points will be interviewed by the convener to discuss action to ensure the problem does not continue. The executive may hand out a one-game suspension to any coach who has a player on his team who reaches 15 points a second time in a season.

11. If an extra playoff game, or games, is necessary to determine Final Day pairings, the penalty point limit for all eligible players involved in those games will increase by two points (ie., from15 to 17). Players who have already reached 15 points once in the season will not have their limit increased.

12. Penalty points incurred during Final Day games will be carried over to the following season and count towards player limit.

13. Every penalty assessed during a game carries a point value of 5, 3 or 2 points. This includes a penalty that results in a penalty shot, or a delayed penalty during which a goal is scored.

FIVE (5) Point Penalties incur an automatic 3-game suspension:
Any Match Penalty or Major Penalty, including Fighting, Checking From Behind, Checking to the Head, Intent to Injure, Kicking, Spearing, Butt-ending
Any Misconduct

THREE (3) Point Penalties
Minor for Body Contact, Check From Behind, Roughing, Boarding, Charging, Elbowing, Kneeing, Cross-Checking, Slashing, Spearing, Butt-Ending, Check to Head (Minor or Double Minor).

TWO (2) Point Penalties
Minor for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Holding, Hooking, High-Sticking, Tripping, Interference, Holding Stick, Throwing Stick, or any other minor penalty not listed here.